Marketing Goals

An effective marketing campaign is crucial to the success of your business. Promotional products make it simple to promote your business efficiently and effectively. Learn basic marketing tips on selecting promotional products that fit your business goals, imprint ideas, and how to use promotional products to drive sales and maximize brand recognition. National Pen has gained a respectful reputation in aiding businesses large and small from every industry in creating a successful corporate marketing campaign. Review our promotional marketing tips to take full advantage of the marketing opportunities available through personalized promotional products.

Identify Your Promotional Marketing Goals

In order for any marketing program to be successful, it must have goals to measure against. Create obtainable goals within your business and have a way to track your successes. Whether you want to increase sales, create brand recognition, or drive leads, creating goals will help identify the best way to use promotional products for your marketing campaign.

Budget, Schedule, and Plan Your Marketing Strategy

Identify key marketing opportunities throughout the year in which you can use promotional products to drive sales, generate new leads, or create brand awareness. For each of these events, identify who your target audience is and what type of budget you would need to obtain your marketing goals. Visit our marketing tips for ideas on how to easily and effectively promote your business with promotional products.

Choosing Promotional Products that Fit Your Business

Thousands of promotional products exist, from the commonly known pens, mugs, calendars, t-shirts, and key chains, to ones you might not have even thought of, such as candy wrappers, tools, coasters, or sports equipment. Along with each selection of promotional products also exists choice of colors or design at various quantities and pricing. Using your marketing plan, you should be able to easily choose products that will fit your identified marketing opportunities whether it is a tradeshow or a special occasion as well as how many products you need and how much you can afford to spend per item. Choose products that are appropriate for your industry as well as something your audience would enjoy. Meld your selected promotional product with your imprinted message/logo and a powerful marketing tool will be in your hands.

Imprinting Your Promotional Message and Logo

The most important items to convey in your promotional message are who you are, best way to contact you, and a call-to-action. When a promotional product is received by your customers or prospects, you want your name to stand out right away so they remember who you are. Add your logo and/or company name to create brand awareness. Always include a means of contact either with an address, phone number, email address, or website. Lastly, create a tagline or special offer to remind customers of what services your company provides. Incorporate all of these items to create a strong promotional product for your business.