Outsource projects may include power, relay control engineering, frequency source design, sensor acquisition, 2.4G 433MHz 315MHz wireless power amplifier, weak signal acquisition, mobile power supply, host and client wireless transceiver, computer host software design, etc.
The projects include following three categories:
  • School based PCB design,
  • DIY PCB design,
  • Schematic diagram and PCB design
  • Microcontroller software design, etc.
  • Analog electronic module
  • Special purpose electronic module
  • Electronic module improvement
  • 3D design, etc
  • system designs
  • system chassis design, etc.
Development tools deployed:
  • Keil Altium Designer,PAD, Matlab, HFSS, ADS,UGNX, AutoCAD, RF99, QT, JAVA Multisim, Proteus, AppCAD as well as other supplementary softwares.
Microcontroller platform:
  • STC51 series,
  • MSP430 series,
  • ARM series (CORTEX M3 M4)
  • STM8 series ,
  • PIC MCU series,
  • AVR MCU series,
  • DSP series
Testing instrument:
  • R & S spectrometer (3GHz)
  • R & s vector network analyzer (3GHz)
  • Five and a half bit voltmeter (desktop)
  • High precision Bridge
  • Frequency source (6GHz)
  • Oscilloscope (100MHz)
  • Oscilloscope (60MHz)
  • Precision millivoltmeter and other instruments
  • 40GHz spectrometer test
  • 40GHz vector network analyzer test
  • 500MHz oscilloscope
For project base outsource, please send your design requirements, electronic material, framework of the project and etc. Please include all the parameters of the project, board size, positioning holes, component packaging and other parameters together on the document.

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